Damon King

- CEO/Founder of UPLFT. Lifelong recreational and competitive athlete turned International professional basketball player, turned fitness & lifestyle coach, Damon King has been an avid participant in the world of sport and health for as long as he can remember. At age 3, an early love of basketball formed, and like a gateway drug led him to playing multiple sports in his schooling, where he competed successfully, eventually becoming a Division I collegiate basketball athlete, and professional career player overseas. The various extensive structured regimens and skill development that Damon’s own physical training have consisted of, have lent themselves to a deep understanding of the body, as well as a passion for the world of fitness at large. As a coach, Damon has assisted people in all walks, levels of fitness, and phases of life. From specific sport training, to lifestyle fitness training for beginning to moderate level clients looking to get healthy and prioritize their fitness journey, he’s been sharing his wealth of knowledge and leading by example. He has 6+ years group/personal training experience, 8+ years basketball clinic focused group/individual experience, and is ISSA certified. Helping others achieve their goals is a large catalyst for the programming Damon continues to develop within UPLFT. Through virtual classes, fast-paced bootcamps, and private coaching sessions, a fun but focused atmosphere, compassion, and hard work, meet to get results. Uplifting others, and showing them the route to learn, grow, and see themselves through much improved, healthier eyes is at the heart of the UPLFT mission.